Date: Sat, 20 Dec 2003 21:33:14 -0800 (PST)
> From: Michael Sell
> Subject: change in vacation plans
> To:
> first off, please do pardon the briefness and
> succintness of this email. and do excuse the fact
> that i will be ignoring the stuff you have written,
> and don't respond to it.
> and please excuse typos - though look who i'm
> talking to.
> heres your str\ory to end all stories (save this
> email).
> L_____ got in a car accident on thursday. all of her
> day at work was spent xmas partying, and coming home
> from the store, right in front of big boy on
> washtenaw, some jerk rearends the car behind her,
> which hits her, and she hit the car in front of her.
> she was stopped. so her car is in the shop, cuz the
> trunk wont open and her bumper looks like ass.
> more thursday funness. coming home from work on my
> bike, in the dark, i reacted wrongly at an unlit
> intersection, while riding on the sidewalk. theres
> this intersection on washtenaw where the sidewalk
> doesnt pick up right in front of the part that
> enters the street. once, i hit it, and went up the
> curb and back onto the sidewalk.
> thurs, however, i reacted differently, though i knew
> it was coming. i was nearly into the street when i
> realised that i was at THAT intersection, and i
> didnt want to hit the curb and potentially flip off
> my bike. (before i left work, i had stopped at a gas
> station and filled up my tires, so i was riding
> along really smoothly.)
> so, instead of turning sharply and avoiding the curb
> (i'm in the street by this point in the thought
> process) i hit my brakes. i must have hit my brakes
> the wrong way - either no back brake, or too much
> front brake - and the front brake locks up, the back
> end of the bike comes up off the ground, and i go
> over the handlebars, face-first into the ground,
> superman style. my chin hit the pavement -
> sidewalk, not street - and i caught myslef on 2 fully extended
> arms - some how i still hit my chin.
> so i get up and assess damage. chin bleeding, head a
> bit woozy, jaw feels weird, as do my arms. my bike
> is at this point in bad shape, and for 10 mins or so
> i had to take the back wheel off and put it back on,
> in the dark, so it will spin. back brakes are
> broken, so i ride home the rest of the way - at most
> 2 miles - w/ only front brake.
> i get home and L______ tells me about her car. bad dayu
> for her. my chin has a gash in it, she says. i call
> my mom - a nurse - and she recommends the ER. so
> L_____ drives me in her junk car - 2002 intrepid, nice
> car through wednesday. they clean my chin, stitch it
> up, x-ray my arms - which by 1230 am had really
> stiffened up. finally, by 130 am, the final results
> were in. (drumroll please:)
> chin: 9 stitches (2internal, 7 external)
> arms: 2 broken radial heads (those are bones)
> i leave the hospital with one sling (left arm), ace
> bandage (right arm), and a wound that appears as
> though bob probert had a problem with me (he was a
> hockey player).
> moer phone calls that night, 230 am. mom, a________,
> work, in that order.
> friday: L_____ - who was coming home any way - brings
> me home. i______, at work, says everything is covered,
> go get better (WOOOOOOOO!). i see a dr at hometown
> hospital, he puts a cast on my L arm, says take it
> easy w/ R arm - it's not as bad: littk\le or no
> displacement, whereas L arm bone displaced 1mm at
> fracture. cast on for 2 weeks, then some self-rehab
> i assume.
> so thats the word from st clair. no work fotr me for
> a while. for the record:
> eating: possible
> drinking: straws only
> brushing teeth: electric t-brush
> crapping: CAN wipe
> so i'm optimistic, and i know you guys got a kick
> out of the story. i dont know when my next email
> will be, but until then, enjoy your vacations.
> love,
> lance armstrong