The Book-in-a-day Series began in late September of 2009 as a way to dive back into art-making. So far, at six books, the set creates a vague picture of a mind at work, alone in eastern Oregon.

Each book begins with a theme that emerges through the text, hand-typed with a Smith-Corona Galaxie II typewriter. Many of the books are autobiographical, but address familiar issues in unfamiliar, impersonal ways.

These books are a part of the Nothing Personal series, and each measures 4 1/4” x 5 1/2”.

To-Do, the first installation in the Nothing Personal series, is a collection of pages from a to-do journal. The lists, arranged on each page in chronological order, detail the evolution of list-making as well as provide a thorough - if esoteric - narrative of one person’s life. Both hectic and meditative, calming and alarming, To-Do is the first step in obliterating the personal elements of Nothing Personal.

Click here to view the first 45 pages of To-Do.